Milos Fishing Experience

Seguici su una fantastica e unica gita di pesca sull’isola di Milos. Nuota e goditi le acque cristalline e mangia pesce fresco.


Milos Fishing Experience

Viaggia con noi!

La nostra imbarcazione è conforme a tutti i regolamenti sulla vela.

Milos Fishing Experience

Pescate con noi!

Pescate e nuotate nei posti più belli dell'isola di Milos, Kimolos e Polyaigos.

Milos Fishing Experience

Gustati con noi!

Godrai il nostro pesce cucinato nel modo tradizionale che solo noi pescatori locali conosciamo.

Contattaci per maggiori informazioni o per prenotare la tua esperienza con noi.

Cosa dicono di noi


      My son and I vacationed for a week in Milos and wanted to arrange a guided fishing trip, something we do in most locations we visit. Nikos and his wife agreed to take Ben out even though we knew their season was coming to an...More

    thumb dawnquarles

      The experience of a true fisherman, the capabilities of a real chef, the welcome of a family! Thaks for the whole day, great sailing experience! Realy nice to meet you! See you soon! Nikolaos, the sole capitain!

    thumb 698gianbattistar

      We can't say enough about this trip, as soon as we walked onto the boat we were family! Captain Nikos and his wife Frossa welcomed us serving coffee while we waited for others to arrive. Nikos knowing that we wanted to fish allowed us to...More

    thumb 63shelleya

      I was confused from the price because I find with lowest...BUT I choose it and I am proud.its AMAZING experience we fishing together we stop In many places we eat the fish that we take all perfect.the best day that I have I milos

    thumb kyriakos k


    5 star review  My husband and I did this as part of our honeymoon a few weeks back, and it was just the best way to spend a day in Milos. Nikos, Frossa, and Simon are so welcoming and friendly. They made the whole day just lovely. When we had a 26 hour flight delay, they were completely flexible in rebooking us for a day later than we had planned. Like others have said, don't eat before you go. There will be fresh salad, fish stew (made fresh with whatever comes in the net that morning!), fried fish, breads, desserts, fresh fruit, beer, wine, water, soda, etc. We left SO full and relaxed after a beautiful day. The only downside was the wind and clouds, but the fact that we had such an amazing time in spite of the cooler weather really speaks to what a great experience this is. It was, without a doubt, the highlight of our honeymoon. Thank you!!

    thumb Sarah Bicknell Manning

    5 star review  We had a fantastic whole day on the ocean with Cpt. Nikos, his wife Frosco and Simon the assistant. Not only did the net come up with a load of nice fish, but also lots of lobsters, which which they prepared a very nice meal for us on board. When you at the same time get to see and swim in some of the nicest lagoons it doesn't get much better than this. Thanks for a great day from Erika, Tove, Kit and Per.

    thumb Per Lund Bovbjerg

    5 star review  This is a very nice experience if you are in Milos! Do not miss it if you love swimming in the deep blue sea and to eat fresh fish!!! Nikos, Froso and their assistant are fabulous people who will do anything to make your trip super nice. 👍🏻

    thumb Fox Nelli

    Very nice fishing and bathing trip from Pollonia to Poliegos and back via Kimolos. Nice crew and a memorable experience!

    thumb Tor Einar Aslesen